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Become the most respected company by society, customers, shareholders and employees

Have a sense of social responsibility, abide by the law, protect the environment, and pursue the harmony between corporate growth and social development. Respect the needs and investments of our customers, and create value for our customers through innovation, process
improvement, and employee development. Constantly pursue the improvement of the company’s operating results, bringing long-term good returns to shareholders. Respect the individuality of employees, invest in their ability to improve their competitiveness and work happily, and
give reasonable returns to their contributions.

Through the continuous improvement of organization and process, the development of leadership and employee competitiveness, alliance and open innovation, FQ METAL has become a global supplier of excellent TV MOUNT, FISH HOOK solutions and services.

Become a reliable TV MOUNT, FISH HOOK supplier for overseas customers. The product quality is stable, the price is in line
with the product quality, and develop with the overseas customers together. Regardless of the size of the customer’s purchase volume, the difference in the nature of the company, the difference in race, the difference in language, we will all treat each inquiry fairly, respond promptly and
effectively, and earnestly following every order till the end.

Courteous, honest and trustful, timely and effective feedback